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1 Testing 3 on Mon Jun 13, 2016 1:53 pm



@tess_antoniuk: Dog selfies with @DarrenCriss last night cuz he makes an adorable puppy  

There’s a great story I like to tell about how Alan Menken [the 11-time Grammy Award winner who wrote the music for Aladdin] once walked into a cafe I was playing during my senior year of college. Of course, I spotted him right as I was playing one of his songs. I was somewhere between completely ecstatic and totally mortified. Well, the man ended up putting a one hundred dollar bill in my tip jar, along with giving me the best story ever. So cut to seven years later, I’m singing one of his songs at the Hollywood freakin’ Bowl in front of 17,500 people, and as I walk off stage, there’s Alan, waving a one hundred dollar bill. You gotta be kidding me! I’ll never forget that. Especially the part where I went to take it and he pulled it away, the stinker! Now I have another great Alan Menken story. What can I say, he’s a hit maker.

 - Darren Criss On His ‘Dreams-Come-True Experience’ Performing in 'The Little Mermaid in Concert’  | billboard

I'm just making comments here.  Commenting.  Commenting.

Commenting some more.  More.

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2 Re: Testing 3 on Wed Jun 15, 2016 7:10 pm


How does this look 

this is quick reply


3 Test to see if Edited By change occurred on Thu Jun 16, 2016 8:12 pm


Test to see if Edited By change occurred

Edited once

Edited twice.

Edited 3rd time.

Success!  "Edited by" changes worked!

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4 Re: Testing 3 on Thu Jun 16, 2016 11:04 pm


editing to see if editing changes occur.

editing again, second time.

Edited a third time.

Changes to "Edited by" work!  Success:  It does not show the "Edited by X for Y times."   Not sure if I need to install though.

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Posting to see if Like System works (if counter works)

"Improve the Reputation System so it counts votes"


In other words, changes to the CSS Stylesheet and JavaScript, so that one may "like" a post without having to refresh/reload the page (after you "like" a comment, you stay on the same page).


Posting to see if like system with no page refreshing works.

So it's not quite completely successful:

1)  It does give a "1 point" vote when you click thumbs up icon,
2) and It does this, with NO refreshing/re-loading to the page,
3)  But the total number of Reputation votes does not increase until the page is refreshed.


Improve "Like" system so new page is not reloaded when click "like," AND replace the "like" symbol/icon of "+" sign with a "thumbs up" icon. )

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